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DENSO Corporation’s World Firsts
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DENSO's birth
Nippon Electrical Equipments Co., Ltd, later changed its name to NIPPONDENSO CO., LTD., split from Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., and was established as a separate entity.
Heritage img history1949
Cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany
This agreement allowed us to expand our technical expertise using knowledge from outside the company, to achieve world-class engineering.
Heritage img history1953
Regional Service Plants
Today, a global service network is in place to improve services for our end users in different regions around the world.
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Technical Training Center
The principles of "Monozukuri is Hitozukuri (our performance relies on our people)" and "engineering and technique, hand in hand" are still being practiced today.
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Injection Pump Preparation Section
Established the Injection Pump Preparation Section. We began to expand our business beyond the company’s original field of development and production of electrical components. Today, we operate in various product areas such as powertrains, thermal systems, electronics and driving control & safety systems. Being able to deliver entire systems instead of single products gives us a competitive edge.
Heritage img history1955
Created the mission statement on which DENSO is founded. It was established in order to maintain and further develop the spirit of our founding.
Heritage img history1956
Received the Deming Prize
This is one of the most prestigious awards for quality control. The efforts made by all of our employees to win the prize laid the foundations for our culture based on the concept of "Quality First."
Heritage img history1961
First production plants
Opening of Ikeda Plant (in Aichi Prefecture) and Hiroshima Plant. This was our first production base established separately from our headquarters. Currently, we manufacture our products all over the world.
Heritage img history1965
Opening of US offices
Established a sales office in Chicago and branch offices in Los Angeles, USA. The first sales office outside of Japan was established in anticipation of global trends such as trade liberalization.
Heritage img history1966
Established the IC Research Center
In-house R&D of integrated circuits (IC) was launched at an early stage, in anticipation of electronic control for automotive components. Today, electronic components are some of the main products that we sell.
Heritage img history1968
Our first overseas sales company. Operations outside of Japan helped us enhance our engineering capabilities and increase the commercial value of our products.
Heritage img history1971
Our first manufacturing companies located outside of Japan. We decided to manufacture products near to our customers, in order to better meet their needs.
Heritage img history1972
World’s first - Spark Plug
Invented the first spark plug with a platinum electrode of 1.1 mm
225px Platinum SP
World’s first - Spark Plug
World’s first spark plug with U-groove electrode
225px U groove technology
First WorldSkills Competition gold medal
Since our founding we have continually invested resources into skills training, and it has produced great results. DENSO has earned more than 60 WorldSkills medals since 1977, and the recipients of these medals work together with engineers to develop technologies, and bring our products from prototype to production.
Heritage img history1977
First Okochi Memorial Production Prize (Production Engineering Section)
This is a prestigious award in Japan. Production lines and equipment are manufactured in-house to attain the precision and quality we require from our products.
Heritage img history1979
Opened Nukata Testing Center
We opened a test course at a comparatively early stage for a parts manufacturer. We have evaluation facilities equivalent to those of automakers, to help us ensure product performance and quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations
Heritage img history1984
Opened DENSO Research Laboratories
We carry out R&D on new technologies that may emerge in the next five to 20 years. Our research covers a range of topics, from semiconductor materials to microalgae that produce oil.
Heritage img history1991
World’s first - Glow Plug
Invented the first glow plug with a ceramic heating element
Small Glow Plug
Invented the QR code
The same year as we developed the DENSO Philosophy, the QR code technology was born. QR codes make high-speed reading possible, which is particularly helpful as production sites increasingly shift toward producing a wider range of products.
Shutterstock 1648721011
The company name was changed from NIPPONDENSO to DENSO. Removing "Nippon," the Japanese word for Japan, reflects our aims of being a truly global company.
Heritage img history1996
World’s first - Mass Air Flow Meter
Invented the first plug-in type mass air flow meter inserted into the air-intake wall, reducing size and weight and making them easier to mount
1899 055
World’s first - Spark Plug
Invented the first spark plug with an iridium electrode of 0.4 mm
225px Iridium Plug
World’s first - Catalytic Converter
Invented a catalytic converter with thin-wall ceramic honeycomb structure
DENSO catalytic converter w thin wall cell substrate 2
World’s first - Alternator
Invented the first segment conductor (SC) alternator, adopting dual windings and rectifiers and a rectangular conductor for its stator coil
Alternator DAN930 cut model 2
World’s first - Starter
Invented the first planetary-reduction segment conductor (PS) starter
Starter DSN964 cut model 1
World’s first - CoGen Spark Plugs
Invented the Iridium Saver spark plug for gas engines used in cogeneration systems
225px Iridium Saver features
The DENSO Spirit
Our values and principles are known as the DENSO Spirit. It is a set of guiding principles for all employees around the world.
Heritage img history2004 en
World first - Hybrid Vehicles Components
Introduction of a high-output power control unit (PCU) and battery cooling system for hybrid vehicles, leapfrogging the competition in terms of size and weight
225px power control unit CB 1
World first - Air Conditioning System
Invented the smallest air conditioning system for a compact-size vehicle
Compact aircon 2008
World’s first - Starter
Invented a permanently engaged Stop-Start starter
Start Stop Permanently Engaged
World’s first - Spark Plug
Invented the Twin-Tip Spark Plug
2575 048 lrg shadow
World first - Wiper Blade
Introduction of hybrid and flat wiper blades in the replacement market
1541 208
World’s first - Spark Plug
Invented the Double Needle Iridium Tough spark plug. A 0.4mm iridium centre electrode and a 0.7mm needle type platinum alloy ground electrode, deliver exceptional Super Ignition Plus (SIP) performance.
225px Double Needle Iridium Tough
World first - Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) System
Invented the HVAC System capable of heating or cooling the driver’s area only, separately controlling the climate in three different cabin zones and helping improve overall fuel economy when the A/C is on
225px New 3 way HVAC Unit
World first - Diesel common rail fuel injection system
Invented the world’s highest injection pressure of 2,500 bar, helping increase fuel efficiency by up to 3% whilst also reducing particulate matter by up to 50% and nitrogen oxides by up to 8%
DN 2500 bar Common Rail System
World’s first - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve
Invented an EGR valve unit to integrate an air intake throttle valve and an EGR valve, helping make diesel engine emissions cleaner at half the size of conventional models.
EGR Valve
World first - Lambda Sensor
Invented the first NOx-A/F integrated sensor
AF sensor
This action plan aims to tackle issues such as the environment and energy usage.
Heritage img history2016
DENSO Group Long-term Policy 2030.
Created the DENSO Group Long-term Policy 2030. The slogan of this plan is “Bringing hope for the future for our planet, society and all people.”
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