AC Service Network

DENSO'S Air-conditioning Service Dealer Network consists of specially trained technicians that have been appointed by DENSO to conduct high quality repair work using DENSO original parts. The result: expert servicing and repair of the Air-conditioning system for an ever-expanding range of vehicles in the South African car parc.
Find your AC Service Dealer

In South Africa, there is a high quantity of vehicles equipped with a DENSO Air-conditioning products, meaning that every day innumerable drivers rely on the quality offered by DENSO.

DENSO'S Air-conditioning products are of the highest quality offering consumers the best value for money.

For further information about DENSO's Air-conditioning Service Dealer network or were to purchase DENSO products please contact your authorized Service Dealer or any of our distributor. A list of distributors and service dealers can be found in the Where To Buy and repair section