Diesel Service Network

DENSO'S Diesel Service Dealer Network consists of specially trained technicians that have been appointed by DENSO and its distributor to conduct high quality repair work using DENSO original parts. Each technician receives up to date training by DENSO appointed trainers. The result: expert servicing of diesel pumps and injectors for an ever-expanding range of vehicles in the South African car parc.
Find an Authorised Diesel Specialist

A specialist network appointed and trained by the DENSO Diesel distributor network

In South Africa, there is a high quantity of vehicles equipped with a DENSO Diesel system, meaning that every day innumerable drivers rely on the quality offered by DENSO. Consequently, DENSO Diesel technology is rapidly gaining ground in the aftermarket, aided by DENSO's invaluable Diesel Service Network.

Appointment of new specialists to the DENSO Diesel Service Network is undertaken by our distributor, who can be found in the Where To Buy and Repair section