Expert advice on engine tuning

When looking to enhance vehicle performance, engine tuning will be one of the first considerations. Often changes are initially made to aspects such as software, air intake or exhaust pipes, however changing the spark plug in the first instance can significantly improve vehicle performance.

The majority of cars are designed to meet a wide range of criteria – from comfort to efficiency and performance. However because price remains a key overriding factor, vehicle manufacturers design and manufacture vehicles that fit the bill for the majority of car owners - there is always room for improvement in any one of these criterion in the aftermarket. Plus cars in their ‘second life’ require more extensive maintenance. Both of these aspects result in a thriving second hand car market as vehicles continue to appeal to the mass market.

The spark plug is at the ‘heart’ of the engine; put simply - no spark, no start. To achieve the best results, including optimum fuel efficiency, you need to use technologically advanced spark plug. DENSO’s Iridium Power Spark Plug is the ideal choice. These advanced spark plugs feature DENSO’s patented 0.4mm iridium centre electrode and U-groove, giving the spark enough room to grow, ensuring optimum combustion and in turn optimum performance.

The low required voltage and a high ignitability guarantees a dramatic improvement in combustion, and ultimately an increase in engine output. A recent bench test using a motorcycle engine to demonstrate the improved combustion of Iridium Power with that of a normal plug, showed an improvement of 1.4% more horse power in output at 110 km/h.

DENSO Iridium Power’s contribution to improved performance is particularly notable during acceleration. The 0.4mm diameter iridium centre electrode, coupled with the specially shaped U-groove ground electrode, combine to achieve higher ignitability, despite requiring a lower spark voltage than ever before. This enables rapid fuel response with fewer misfires than under higher required voltage spark conditions, and fewer misfires when ignitability is difficult. As a result, the acceleration is significantly improved when compared to normal plug performance.

Instead of focusing on air intake, exhaust pipes and software when tasked with improving the power output of a vehicle, start with installing different spark plugs. Not only is performance improved but so is fuel efficiency – a clear benefit for vehicle owners. Put simply, if you are looking to enhance your car’s performance, your first step should be installing DENSO Iridium Power Spark Plugs.

About DENSO Iridium Spark Plugs

Iridium Spark Plugs were first developed by DENSO. In 1998 the company used laser-welding techniques to develop the world’s smallest 0.4mm radius micro iridium centre electrode, and has since expanded the technology to encompass Iridium Power, Iridium Long-Life and Iridium Racing ranges for specialist car and bike applications.

Iridium Power Spark Plugs offer high performance, 0.4mm Iridium technology for the majority of drivers who want better acceleration and throttle performance, fewer misfires and improved fuel economy. Covering more applications than any other Iridium plug type, Iridium Power Plugs cover over 99% of the car parc.

DENSO’s extensive Spark Plug ranges include: Standard (Nickel), Single Platinum, Double Platinum, Twin Tip (TT), Iridium Tough, Double Needle Iridium Tough, Iridium Long Life, Iridium Power, Iridium Racing and Super Ignition Plugs (SIP).