Oil Filter

Oil Filter

General information

Oil filter filters the engine oil which serves as lubricant to prevent the metal particle/carton contamination caused by frictions and combustion and cleans up the inside of the engine, keeping the movement smooth.

If poor quality oil filter is used, engine oil will gradually become tainted as metal particle and carbon content are mixed.

This can shorten the life of your engine and cause other parts to fail as well.

Oil filtration mechanism

Features & benefits

  • Heavy-duty steel case resists distortion
  • Pre-lubricated molded o-ring provides superior sealing over generic filters
  • Unique Torque Stopper design prevents leaks from under torquing
  • Dual-layer filtration media for greater oil filtration
  • Silicone anti-drainback valve prevents rough starts
  • Traps contaminants for increased engine protection

Replacement timing

Oil filter media gets contaminated overtime and clogging occurs if element is not replaced at proper interval. Continuous use of clogged element will allow metal particles and carbon contents to circulate across the engine, damaging engine parts and leading to engine failure.

In addition, circulation of unfiltered engine oil will impair engine performance and fuel efficiency. Therefore, oil filter must be replaced at right interval.

DENSO recommends to refer to instruction manual and maintenance records of the vehicle for details.

The right replacement interval may vary depending on models.

Types of oil filters

There are two types of oil filters.
Types of oil filters